Can Lasik Fix My Astigmatism?

Can Lasik fix my astigmatism?

Lasik eye surgery is a surgical procedure that reduces or eliminates the use of corrective lens. However, it is considered too risky for some people. Lasik stands for laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis which is surgery for refractive eye by which an eye doctor forms a flap in the cornea. The eye surgeon uses laser to reform the cornea and focusing on the patient’s eye problem. People with nearsightedness or myopia, far sightedness or hyperopia can also consider lasik surgery as a option for correcting their eye problems. Lasik is also said to be an appropriate correction method for astigmatism which causes blurry vision.

Consult your eye doctor

So can Lasik help me correct my astigmatism? It is important for the eye doctor to perform careful and thorough investigation of the eyes before performing lasik surgery to ensure that the surgery will result to a favorable outcome.

Know the risks

However, there are still risks when undergoing lasik surgery. Some risks include even worsening astigmatism which happens when the laser removes too much or too less of the eye tissue and the result is that you may not be getting the desired clear vision. Lasik surgery can also cause a temporary decrease in the formation of tears and an unusual dry feeling of the eyes. Removing the flap from the eye front portion can also cause infection, swelling and excessive tears.

Lasik surgery is not advisable if your astigmatism is only minor since a small amount of astigmatism will not affect the clarity of your eye. As per the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), lasik eye surgery can give positive results to patients with astigmatism and it is a permanent solution. However, lasik surgery for astigmatism is only recommended for patients over 18 years to ensure that the refractive error of their eyes is stabilized.

Lasik as a treatment for astigmatism varies depending on the curving nature of the cornea through a steepening process with the use of a cool laser beam. The reshaping of the cornea improves the manner on how light penetrates the back of the eye. The new spherical curve of the eye then allows it to reliably and effectively focus light rays for a clearer vision. Contact lens and also correction glasses can fix astigmatism but only in a temporary basis but lasik surgery can give a lifetime solution for astigmatism.

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